new beach!

January 2nd, 2011 by me

bekkaMy Peeps Mr. John and Hannah took me for a Ride!  it was awesome.  Mr. John has this weird window in the top of the Ride, I can stick my nose out above and get extra sniffs!After the ride they left me in the car, which was okay because the windows were down and I got to bark at ALL the people passing by.When my Peeps came back, they took me to a new Beach.  I’d never been there before and WOW, there were all kinds of new smells and big sticks!  Mr. John threw lots of sticks for me; it was lots of fun.   I had to go into the water to rinse the sand off though, otherwise it gets in my mouth and makes me sick.When we got back, Hannah made me take a bath.  I don’t like getting wet unless I’m in the ocean, but they rubbed me all over so I guess it wasn’t so bad…

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