With my Peeps

January 2nd, 2011 by me

So, Mom and Dad left.  They took Nimbus with them… I was kinda upset.  Cat gets to go and I have to stay?? Except…  I have the beach and the sand and the sun and the water… whereas Cat got shoved in a bag and he didn’t seem very happy about it.  I was worried when Mom and Dad took Nimbus away, but Mr. John stayed with me and threw the stick, so it wasn’t so bad.Then my bested peep, Hannah, came back and I got to go in a ride with Mr. John and Hannah.  He put the window ALL the way down and let me sniff as much as I wanted, it was awesome!  They took me to a place that smelled like Hannah,  I had been there before but this time i got food!  except that there are two cats there… and just like Nimbus, they are allowed on the bed and I’m not.   rotten Cats.

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