A classic beach walk

November 30th, 2006 by Karin

Mom took me up the beach today!!!!!!!!!!! Man-o-man-o-man-o-man!

bekka 4 1130 72dpi

Can I swim or what?!!! It was really wild out there today!

bekka 3 1130 72dpi

I found this ball – it was a great ball! Mom threw it again and again and again….

bekka 2 1130 72dpi

bekka 1130 72dpi

I LOVE it here!

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Plantation Ruins

November 25th, 2006 by Ted


We went for a walk up to the ruins today. Its one of my favorite things to do.










There are lots of good sniffs and interesting things.














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It’s a dog’s life

November 21st, 2006 by Hannah

Cats are mean. Nimbus won’t Share. Not only can he sleep on my people’s bed, he has to hog MY bed too.



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… and to swim another day….

November 21st, 2006 by Karin

Mom got the short course from Hannah – she’s learned really well how to do the stick thing down at Cane Bay. We had so much fun!

bekka 1 11 21jpg

This is me swimming like a motor boat after the stick!

bekka 2 11 21

Here I am bringing the stick to Mom.

bekka 3 11 21

I LOVE Cane Bay!

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Stick Fetcher Extraordinaire

November 9th, 2006 by me

01.jpgThis is my “please please please can we go play” look. it works better if I sit on Hannah’s feet and never roam more than 6 inches from her at all times.

02.jpgBy mid afternoon, she weakened. We were off to Cane bay again. Hannah threw some defective sticks though. 03.jpgThey made big splashes and disapeared. I swam out after them, circled patiently hoping they would resurface, but no luck. What do I look like… SCUBA dog?

04.jpgFinally Hannah found a proper floaty stick.


But even stick fetching and people-greeting and dog-smelling doesn’t come close to how good it feels to shake all that water and sand and fur out of my coat. Especially when I’m right next to my good buddy Hannah.

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Beach Day!

November 5th, 2006 by me

I got to go to Cane Bay today! There were lots of people and dogs to sniff, and Hannah even brought the BALL.

Here I am in my funny looking jacket. I still have not figured out why she makes me wear it.

Hannah would only throw the ball if I swam out and brought it to her (she never got out of the ocean). I got tired of swimming after a while and had to take a break. Here I am with that funny red thing on again.

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